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Innovinc International takes immense pleasure to extend our warm welcome to invite all participants from all over the world to attend 5th Edition of world Congress on Geology & Earth Science during September 09-11, 2024 Lisbon, Portugal. which will entail lively debates, prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Workshops and Networking opportunities around a core of plenary and concurrent sessions based on essential topics in the Geology and Earth Science sector.

GeoEarth-2024 serve to unite and engage people passionate about geoscience and its role in addressing global challenges. We do this through various and exciting programme of thematic events which reflect our principle areas of focus. Through our conference, we aim to improve knowledge and understanding of the future of Geology and Earth Science. At this international high-level policy event, GeoEarth-2024 invites leaders from across society to meet and discuss policies and experiences.

The Fourth edition of Geology and Earth Science was completed successfully (Hybrid Event) with over 98 participants and the in-person event had 60 attendees attended in Rome, Itlay and the event has a growing interest among the scientists and technicians.

Join us on 09– 11 September, 2024 for cutting-edge technical sessions, outstanding professional education, and inclusive networking opportunities that will broaden your geologic knowledge and connect you to our diverse geoscience community.

We are confident it will be an excellent meeting bringing together friends and colleagues within the geological community after a long period of absence.

Find out how you can become a speaker or sponsor of this event by contacting Conference Coordinator and Chair

Robert Martin: Tel: +1-408-352-1010

We look forward to welcoming you all to Lisbon, Portugal in September 2024

Scientific Sessions

We have enlisted some outstanding sessions that will give an opportunity to focus on specific areas from your own perspective experiences. Abstracts of all the related interest areas are accepted, but are not limited to the following sessions..


day 1 agenda

Mon , Sep 09, 2024

  • 08:00 - 18:00
  • GeoEarth-2024

    5th Edition of World Congress on Geology& Earth Science (GeoEarth-2024)
    September 09-11, 2024, Lisbon, Portugal
    Tentative Program
     Day 1- September 09, 2024 
    08:00-08:45 Welcome & Registrations
    08:45-09:00 Opening Remarks
    GeoEarth-2024 Living with Hazards: Prediction Uncertainty and Personal Protective Behavior at Frequently and Infrequently Erupting Volcanoes—Tungurahua and Cotopaxi, Ecuador
    Stephen Meinhold, University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 Environmental Management by Recycling of Bauxite Residue
    BRAJENDRA MISHRA, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
    Group Photo
    Refreshment Break 
    Technical session- I
    GeoEarth-2024 Hosgri fault transpressional slip rates reproduce observed central California coast uplift rates
    Daniel OConnell, Tetra Tech, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 A sensitivity analysis of factors affecting in geologic CO2 storage in the Ordos Basin and its contribution to carbon neutrality
    Shi Xin Dai, Hunan University of Science and Technology, China
    GeoEarth-2024 The development and evaluation of a drinking water and human health course to broaden soils science offerings at the university level
    Robert Mahler,University of Idaho, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 Edge Assignment in Edge Federated Learning
    Do Thuy, Luther College, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 Assimilation and extensive metasomatism of agpaitic rocks from the transitional layred kakortokite, Ilímaussaq intrusion, South Greenland
    Hans Kristian Schonwandt, Tanbreez Mining Greenland, Denmark
    GeoEarth-2024 Monks and dreamers in the hills of western Samaria
    Yair Elmakyes, Ariel University, Israel
    Lunch Break
    Technical session- II
    GeoEarth-2024 Monitoring Along The Vitória-Minas Railroad (Efvm), Using Satellite Data Transmission Technology
    Henrique De Andrade Penido, VALE S.A, Brazil
    GeoEarth-2024 Recent Advances in Dynamic Centrifuge Testing
    Tarek Abdoun, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 Contamination and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in agricultural soil from Al Majma'ah, central Saudi Arabia 
    Khaled Al-Kahtany, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
    GeoEarth-2024 A comparison of common methods for spectroscopic data preprocessing
    Jose Antonio Esquivel, Universidad de Granada, Spain
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot available
    GeoEarth-2024 Multiple inflation and deflation events from 2004 to 2016 at Fogo (Agua de Pau) volcano, S˜ao Miguel, ´ Azores
    Joao D'Araujo, University of the Azores, Portugal
    Refreshment Break 
    GeoEarth-2024 Mortality risk associated with emergency hospital evacuation following Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants
    Toyoaki Sawano, Fukushima Medical University, Japan
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot available
    GeoEarth-2024 Instability processes as a natural archive for geo-hydrological risk prediction and mitigation
    Luino Fabio, Italian National Research Council, Italy
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot available
    GeoEarth-2024 A screening study of relationships among concentrations of algal toxins, PFAS, thiamine deficiency and biomarkers in the European flounder from the southern Baltic Sea
    Elin Dahlgren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
    Pannel Discussions 
    Note: This program is tentative and may be subject to change
    We are still accepting the abstracts. To book your slot, contact Mr. Robert Martin:

day 2 agenda

Tue , Sep 10, 2024

  • 09:00 - 18:00
  • GeoEarth-2024

    5th Edition of World Congress on Geology& Earth Science (GeoEarth-2024)
    September 09-11, 2024, Lisbon, Portugal
    Tentative Program
     Day 2- September 10, 2024 
    GeoEarth-2024 Optimized Shrub-Intercropping for Food Production, Drought Resistance and Ecosystem Restoration in the Sahel
    Richard Dick, Ohio State University, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 TBA
    Refreshment Break 
    Technical session- III
    GeoEarth-2024 Sparse-node acquisition for data fitting velocity model building via FWI
    Denes Vigh, SLB, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 Concentration-Discharge Patterns Reveal Catchment Controls Over the Stoichiometry of Carbon and Nutrient Supply to Boreal Streams
    Virginia Mosquera, SLU, Sweden
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 Impact of acidic volcanic emissions on ash leaching and on the mobility and bioavailability of trace metals in soils of Mt. Etna
    Cinzia Federico, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy
    GeoEarth-2024 Application of 3D ERT and 4D ERT differential models in the study of an active landslide - an example from Podhale (southern Poland)
    Kamiński Mirosław, Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute, Poland
    Lunch Break
    Technical session- II
    GeoEarth-2024 Orosirian-Stenian evolution of the Bolivian Precambrian Shield, SW Amazonian Craton, constrained by U-Pb geochronology and Nd-Hf isotopic parameters
    Ramiro Matos, Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia
    GeoEarth-2024 Future success and ways forward for scientific approaches on the African Great Lakes 
    Ted Lawrence, African Center for Aquatic Research and Education, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 The 2016 Amatrice-Norcia fault system mapped by seismic attenuation tomography
    Pasquale De Gori &Francesco Pio Lucente, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy
    GeoEarth-2024 Design recommendations for sustainable urban underground 
    Shana Debrock, University of Antwerp, Belgium
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 Assimilation and extensive metasomatism of agpaitic rocks from the transitional layred kakortokite, Ilímaussaq intrusion, South Greenland
    Hans Kristian Schonwandt, Tanbreez Mining Greenland, Denmark
    Refreshment Break 
    GeoEarth-2024 The Weathering Processes and The Nature of Infill Material on Discontinuities of The Muntele Mare Granitic Rock (Belis - Fantanele, Romania) 
    Nicolae Har, Babes- Bolyai University Cluj Napoca, Romania
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot available
    GeoEarth-2024 Sexual reproduction of seagrass Zostera muelleri in Aotearoa New Zealand: are we missing a restoration opportunity?
    Inigo Zabarte-Maeztu, Chengdu University of Technology, New Zealand
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot available
    GeoEarth-2024 Community resilience through the lens of social support: Recovering from the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland
    Ingibjorg L. Omarsdottir, University of Iceland, Iceland
    Pannel Discussions 

day 3 agenda

Wed , Sep 11, 2024

  • 09:00 - 15:30
  • GeoEarth-2024

    Day -3: September (11, 2024)
    Keynote Session (09:00- 10:50)
    Refreshment Break (10:50-11:00)
    Morning Session: (11:00 - 13:00)
    Lunch Break (13:00-14:00)
    Posters (14:00 - 16:00)
    Refreshment Break (16:00-16:10)
    End Note Session and Closing Ceremony
    If any one interested to attend the conference or to book your speaker slot, please send an email to:

posters agenda

Wed , Sep 11, 2024

  • 09:00-16:00
  • GeoEarth-2024

    5th Edition of World Congress on Geology& Earth Science (GeoEarth-2024)
    September 09-11, 2024, Lisbon, Portugal
    Virtual PROGRAM
     Day 3- September 11, 2024 
    GeoEarth-2024 Multi-stage Development within Anisotropy Insight of an Anticyclone Eddy in Northwestern South China Sea in 2021
    Chunhua Qiu, Sun Yat-sen University, China
    GeoEarth-2024 Poster: Influence of terrain on the energy of the region. The spin supercurrent.
    Liudmila Boldyreva, State University of management, Russia
    GeoEarth-2024 First results of the detailed geochronological study of magmatic PGE-fertile mineral systems of the Fedorova-Pana Complex, Kola Region, Russia
    Nikolay  Groshev, Kola Science Centre, Russia
    GeoEarth-2024 A stone in the architecture of the Cracow Bishops’ Palace in Kielce (central Poland)
    Anna Fijałkowska-Mader, Polish Geological Institute-National research Institute, Poland
    GeoEarth-2024 Seismic ground motion alerts for mines - GMAP
    Aleksander J. Mendecki, Institute of Mine Seismology, South Africa
    GeoEarth-2024 Keynote: Nonconventional GPR imaging for some challenging scenarios
    Raffaele Persico, University of Calabria, Italy
    GeoEarth-2024 Estimation of hydraulic conductivity functions by particle swarm optimization
    Vanja Travas, University of Rijeka, Croatia
    GeoEarth-2024 The neglect of ponds in international law must change
    Vera  Stankovic, Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research, Serbia
    GeoEarth-2024 Enhancing aquifer recharge in complex arid environments through integrative 3D Geomodeling-based hydro-geophysical characterization
    Hayet CHIHI, Centre for Water Research and Technologies, Tunisia
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 Sedimentary evolution of the late cretaceous - early eocene carbonates series of the foreland magrebian chain (tellian domain, northern tunisia)
    Jalila Saadi, University of Carthage, Tunisia
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 Creating a Methodology to Elaborate High-Resolution Digital Outcrop for Virtual Reality Models with Hyperspectral and LIDAR Data
    Douglas de Castro,Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 The Potential Role of Bering Strait in the Dynamics of Multi-decadal Variability in the North Atlantic: an idealized model study
    Xiaoting Yang, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 Enhancing 3D Geophysical Modeling through Cooperative Inversion and Wavelet-ICA Feature Selection
    Bahman Abbassi, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada
    GeoEarth-2024 Speaker Slot Available
    GeoEarth-2024 Locating operational events of the cooling tower of a nuclear reactor with a very local seismic network
    Chengping Chai, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    GeoEarth-2024 Groundwater Response to Drought in Mountainous Regions
    Diana Allen, Simon Fraser University, Canada
    GeoEarth-2024 The need for simplicity and some unanswered questions in optical/thermal remote sensing of surface soil water content
    Toby Carlson, Penn State University, USA
Download Tentative Program


Don t Miss This Amazing Conference And Opportunities


For me, joining your community was a wonderful experience. I hope we can have new opportunities to meet. I will think about the 2nd world congress, hoping to attend.

Giovanna Capparelli, University of Calabria, Italy

Thanks for your nice thoughts. I am very pleased with your congress and hospitality. Therefore, I would like to attend your second congress. See you at your Japan congress.

SEVDA ÖZEL, Sivas Cumhuriyet University, Turkey

It was my great pleasure to give a plenary talk at the Geosciences-2019 conference in London. I consider that the conference was very good organized and successful. 

Pavel Kishcha, Tel Aviv University, Israel

I really appreciated taking part of the Geosciences conference held in London and enjoyed the talks and discussions with several researchers from all over the world. Talks were foremost very valuable and of high level. It was a good experience for me and a good opportunity to meet a skilled and highly qualified attendance. The organization was good, Congratulations, it was a successful event.

Ezzedine Saïdi, Oil and Gas Public Company of Tunisia (ETAP), Tunisia

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